Empowering users to participate in an open financial marketplace.

Swirge Token is a smart contract token built on the Ethereum (SWG) and Binance (SWGB) Blockchain.
Swirge Token will be used on the entire swirge platform.
To facilitate cheap and fast transactions
Try out our decentralized social media platform with currently over 30,000 users SWIRGE

Token Distribution

Locked Development Token: 10%
Locked Marketing Token: 8.5%
Liquidity BNB - SWG SwapLiquidity Pair: 25%
Liquidity ETH - SWG Uniswap Pair: 40%
Locked Team Token: 5%
Token Sale: 11.5%

Swirge Products and Applications

We've built a fully decentralized and tightly secured cryptocurrency wallet that enables users to hold cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, and also added support for ERC20 token and BEP20 tokens.


We've built a fully decentralized payment system to enable cross-chain and borderless transactions by enabling payment through the use of popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and also stable coins. This is a peer to peer method where the users are in complete control of their private keys.


We've built a fully decentralized social media application that gives the user full control over their account, data, and privacy.
Chats, posts, commenting, etc are done on the blockchain very fast and secure.


Swirge Marketplace is a fully decentralized marketplace that enables quick easy and secure peer-to-peer buying and selling, transactions can be covered with the use of cryptocurrencies and stable coins.


Stake your Swirge tokens and receive xSwirge in return and then stake in the xSwirge pool. When users trades on Swirge Pay Swap Exchange a 0.3% fee is charged


Receive SLP Tokens when you provide liquidity on Swirge | Pay. For example when a user deposits $SWG and $ETH into pull they would receive SWG-ETH SLP Tokens


Swirge Token is a Smart Contract Tokenn used on Swirge| Pay platform and can be minted out when you provide liquidity.



March 2021NFT Gaming
March 15th 2021Swirge Token Burn
April 2021Swirge App Library Beta Launch

Launching Public Beta of Swirge App Library. An online App store for Decentralized applications built on Binance Smart Chain.

April 2021Swirge DEFI

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Team Players

team member
Johnson Daniel Jonah Co-founder, CEO & CTO
team member
Keith Mali Chung Co-founder & COO
team member
Silverson Uzochukwu Co-founder & CFO
team member
Harmony Elendu Head of Designs
team member
Mercy Ada Omohoro Head of Marketing Africa
team member
Promise Ebitu Marketing Advisor Africa
team member
Radiance Obi Developer
team member
Precious Nwokwo Developer
team member
Daniel Ugochukwu Developer
team member
Tochukwu Nwolisa Marketing Officier Africa
team member
Nansel Rimsah Head of Products Marketplace
team member
Gift Okonkwo Editor in Chief
team member
Arianegbe Godspower Head of Socials
team member
Jimmy Friday Advisor